Teaching Spanish in El Salvador since 1999

El Salvador Spanish Schools'
Spanish for Teachers
We offer intensive Spanish classes and homestays with Salvadoran families at 5 locations in El Salvador.
Specialized curriculum focusing on Spanish for the classroom, conversation and grammar.  Flexible and customized classes are also available.
Learn Spanish while you surf or salsa!
Imagine taking 1:1 Spanish classes on the veranda of your beach hotel, or above a mountain lake high in the coffee country.  With El Salvador Spanish Schools, you can study at the beach in La Libertad or El Sunzal, and we also offer Salsa, Merengue, and Cumbia dance classes in Santa Ana.

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Call us:  011(503) 7051 4171 in El Salvador
                 1(413) 374-0159  USA, Europe & Canada
Program Director: Nelson Pacheco Martinez
El Salvador Spanish Schools
Email: Info at SalvaSpan.com
5° Calle Poniente entre 4 y 6 Avenida Sur #15
Santa Ana, El Salvador  C.A.
USA: Brian Oelberg (413) 374-0159
Email:  info at salvaspan.com
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